It has been a long season of Lent.

There have been moments where my weary bones felt like they might simply fall to pieces.

Each of those times words of life have come to the rescue.

They have come in the form of unexpected emails, tears among new friends, words from a stranger, thoughts from a class preceptor, and in soulful musical lyrics.

Each of them breathing spirit back into my limp and lifeless form.

Reminding me that God is here.

And that I am alive.

O dry bones,
hear the word of the LORD.
Thus says the Lord GOD to these bones:
I will cause breath to enter you,
and you shall live.
I will lay sinews on you,
and will cause flesh to come upon you,
and cover you with skin,
and put breath in you,
and you shall live;
and you shall know that I am the LORD.
~Ezekiel 37:4b-6
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  4. Daveda Says:

    I love that verse :) God is the only one who can bring anthing good out of nothing.

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